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Days Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] In Days geht es um zwei Jungen, die nie dazu bestimmt waren, sich zu begegnen: Tsukushi Tsukamoto, ein Oberschüler ohne das besondere Etwas, aber mit ganz viel Leidenschaft, und Jin Kazama, ein Fußball-Genie, das sich von allen anderen abgekapselt hat.


Anime Dramedy


2016 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe




Kounosuke Uda


Tsuyoshi Yasuda

I Won't Let Anyone Be Disappointed Again

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Seiseki feiert den Abschied von Kasahara. Kazama lernt was Frustration heisst. Uburaka hat ein ernstes Gespräch mit Tsukamoto, welches ihm hilft.

With Just That, I Feel Like I Could Keep On Running Forever
I Want to Be Part of the Dream
Playing Soccer with You is Super Fun, You Idiot
I Want to Put My Life on the Line to Live
That's Why I Will Keep On Running, Kazama-kun
Running for Someone That's the Kind of Soccer I Want to Play
I Wish I Could Repay My Debt, If But a Little
If He Gets Into It, He Will Become a Bullet
We'll Get the Ball Over to Where Your Voice Can Reach Us in No Time
I Won't be Defeated by Such a Tiny Setback
In Order to Connect These Gleaming Days to the Future
I Won't Let Anyone Be Disappointed Again
You Just Need to Look Forward
Give Everything to Take My Spot Away from Me
I'm Sure I Can't Stay at Seiseki Any Longer
The Endless Waves That Keep Crashing In
I Love This Team
Tell Me, Kimishita: You Can Do It, Right?
Come with Me. It's a Straight Shot to Nationals
Don't Underestimate Seiseki
Isn't Football A Blast?
Right Now, I`m Seiseki`s Captain
I'm a Member of Seiseki's Soccer Team, Too
I Want to Play More Soccer with This Team

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